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Ubiquiti U7 Pro – Initial Thoughts and Findings

2024 is off to a pretty solid start on the technology front. The initial availability of WiFi 7-related offerings provides an opportunity to update one’s wireless connectivity with an eye on impending devices. We’ve procured and have installed the U7 Pro wireless access point over the weekend. Although there aren’t any endpoints currently in use which leverage this latest standard, the cost of entry was reasonable when compared to the prior U6 series of access points. The initial release firmware, which was v7.0.32, was mostly fine but did not play well with some legacy connected devices. Specifically, a Lennox iComfort thermostat and a Meross Smart Ambient Light refused to join the designated network. Today’s updated firmware, which is v7.0.35, was proactively applied to the access point prior to being advertised through the auto-update mechanism of the UniFi controller. Both of these problematic devices have successfully rejoined their designated network after this update. Initial findings include a consistently superior connection for devices which may be far from access point. There are no longer any devices reporting a Good, Fair, or Poor signal strength on the network.

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