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Synology Fix: CrashPlan Headless not running on Synology NAS

With the release of Synology DSM 5.2, an interesting problem was encountered after completing the upgrade.  During the periods where DSM 5.1 was the latest and greatest iteration, we implemented CrashPlan in headless mode on the NAS itself and backup directly from the NAS to the cloud.  Shortly after the 5.2 update, the status report noted that the backup engine couldn’t be reached.  Logging into the Control Panel and checking the installed applications and services showed that CrashPlan had stopped.

While it would appear logical to assign the blame to the NAS due to the recent DSM 5.2 update, the root cause was a result of an update by Code42 to CrashPlan itself.  Chris Nelson’s blog contains the steps required to restore operability for this solution.  If all best practices and recommendations made by the Synology Security Advisor within the Control Panel were applied, validate your modified SSH port configuration before proceeding with the information contained within the link.

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