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Ubiquiti Networks Amplifi – An exciting, consumer-focused WiFi solution

Ubiquiti Networks has announced its Amplifi line of routers and wireless extenders in an effort to actively participate in the consumer wireless and routing space.  Our experience with their existing, enterprise-focused wireless access points was very impressive.  The solution was not only easy to set up, but enabled granular control that is missing from vendors whose products grace the shelves of brick and mortar retailers.  The deterrents for using the existing products in a home environment stem from the fact that the UniFi lineup consists of access points.  To incorporate them as the only solution that blankets a residence with solid WiFi coverage, one also needs to account for a router that may also provide DHCP services.  Our implementation of a UAP-LR model in tandem with a pfSense firewall was reliable and handled a high concentration of wireless connections without requiring reboots.  The Amplifi offering takes the complexity out of establishing the necessary provisions to support a wireless network.

Pricing that was provided for the ac-capable solution is very reasonable considering the feature set and proposed configurations.  Ubiquiti does a fantastic job of updating their code base and firmware regularly, which ensures this type of solution will remain viable and supported for years to come.  The base station and extenders are designed in a manner that they won’t necessarily need to be hidden in most homes.  This stands in stark contrast to some of the overpriced monstrosities that have recently graced the market.  The popularity and success of solutions such as Google OnHub (via products produced in partnership with ASUS and TP-Link), the Synology RT1900AC WiFi Router and eero demonstrate that consumers are fed up with the sub par performance, reliability, and coverage offered by the overabundance of products that are missing the mark.

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