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The FreeNAS CrashPlan documentation conundrum

The release of CrashPlan 4.8 has thrown a considerable monkey wrench in the publication of our past-due procedure for FreeNAS.  Additional configuration steps are now required to successfully install the software within a jail.  Prior caveats related to unintentional and automatic port reconfiguration continue to occur with the latest release.  There are many individuals who have contributed to the fixes and workarounds, and we want to be sure we’re citing everything appropriately.  While we’re optimistic that bhyve virtualization in the next release of FreeNAS will simplify processes even further, the potential to stay put on 9.10.x may be a reality for may people who are happy with the stability and functionality that exists today.  In other news, our first mini-review is up for the Mediasonic ProRaid HUR5-SU3.  It’s a fairly simple and cost-effective solution for reallocating hard drives as externally attached storage, or as a piece of a multi-pronged backup strategy.

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