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Walmart Gaming PC = Epic Lulz

Steve Burke over at Gamers Nexus pulled the trigger on a “top of the line” Overpowered DTW3 gaming rig from Walmart.  No explanation can do justice to the YouTube summary.  There are considerable deficiencies beyond price and build quality when it comes to this solution.  The race to the bottom on component selections highlighted by Steve in his teardown of the system demonstrates either a complete lack of technological understanding by the systems integrator that has been subcontracted by Walmart to construct a “gaming PC” or a corporate giant that doesn’t grasp the concept of a value proposition.  For the outrageous markup associated with the identified components, the fact that the hours of operation for the company making these systems for Walmart don’t align with the 24×7 model of HP, Dell, etc will only impact Walmart’s earnings.  The already antiquated component selections will be passed over by the alleged target audience.  Overpowered will never be the Supreme of PC manufacturing.  There are a wide variety of options available to have someone construct a high performance computer if one does not have the time, effort, or skills involved.  Every alternative option is better than what Walmart is attempting to foist upon consumers.

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