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QNAP QTS 4.3.6 – End of the line for some models

Although QNAP has been pushing out a number of updates for the QTS 4.3.6 operating system, the release notes continue to provide warnings to owners of the following NAS models that future updates beyond this release will no longer be offered due to hardware limitations:

While these units will still receive updates until 2020 or 2022 (depending on model), the overall lifespan feels compressed. We’ve been putting the newer TS-328 model through its paces and have been left wanting just a bit more performance in comparison to the x86-based counterparts. It would appear that the upgrade path for those who have adopted an ARM-based product from QNAP is becoming a bit more limited as time progresses. Even though a 1-3 year gap exists before the listed devices will no longer receive further security updates, planning should commence now for those who may be affected by QNAP’s efforts to phase out devices which utilized the Annapurna Labs solutions.

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