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A Holiday Treat for Transcoding: Handbrake 1.2.0

Mere days ago, Handbrake 1.2.0 was released. Significant enhancements were made for this fantastic, open source transcoding solution. Mac users are now able to leverage the performance improvements offered by support for videotoolbox within macOS due to the core decoding library change. The use of ffmpeg on the backend provides much of the boost for supported hardware. Windows users that leverage a non-Intel CPU also benefit from this newest version thanks to support for NVENC and AMD VCE acceleration for Nvidia and AMD GPUs. Our initial cross-platform runs have been a mixed bag. The macOS iteration was indeed faster in converting a one hour video from an established ts container to an mp4 container. However, the third item in the queue faulted and crashed Handbrake. While there may be some minor bugs such as this, the bulk of the enhancements provide significant benefits that won’t break workflows. Be sure to head over to Handbrake’s site to download the latest versions!

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